last1 [last, läst]
[ME laste, earlier latest, latst < OE latost, superl. of adj. læt, adv. late: see LATE]
1. alt. superl. of LATE
2. being or coming after all others in place; farthest from the first; hindmost
3. coming after all others in time; farthest from the beginning; latest
4. only remaining [took the last chocolate in the box]
5. directly before the present [last month]
6. farthest from what is expected; least likely [would be the last person to suspect anything]
7. utmost; greatest
8. coming after all others in importance; lowest in rank
9. newest [the last thing in hats]
10. conclusive; authoritative [the last word in scientific research]
11. individual: used as an intensive [to spend every last cent]
1. alt. superl. of LATE
2. after all others; at the end
3. most recently
4. finally; in conclusion
1. someone or something which comes last [the last of the kings]
2. the final or concluding part; end [friends to the last]
at long last or at last
after a long time; finally
see the last of
to see for the last time
last2 [last, läst]
[ME lasten < OE læstan, akin to Ger leisten, vt., to perform, carry out, Goth laistjan, lit., to follow in the track of < IE base * leis-, a track, spoor > L lira, furrow (see LEARN): sense development: to follow — to go on, continue]
1. to remain in existence or operation; continue; go on; endure
2. to remain in good condition; wear well
3. to continue unconsumed, unspent, etc. [enough food to last for a month]
to continue or endure throughout: often with out [doubtful whether he can last (out) the training period]
last3 [last, läst]
[ME laste < OE læst, a boot, læste, shoemaker's last < base of last, footstep, track, furrow < same base as LAST2]
a block or form shaped like a person's foot, on which shoes are made or repaired
to form with a last
stick to one's last
1. to keep to one's own work
2. to mind one's own business
last4 [last, läst]
[ME laste < OE hlæst (akin to Ger last, OHG hlast) < base of hladan: see LADE]
a measure or weight that varies for different things and in different places, often one equal to 4,000 pounds

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